We know your wedding means a lot to you and it means even more to us that we both document your big day to the fullest extent.

Of all the little (and sometimes very big) wedding expenses you will pay for, we believe your wedding photographs are one of the most permanent and worthwhile investments you can make.

The cake will be eaten, the flowers will eventually wilt, and that crazy uncle will finish off the beer. However, your photos will last you a lifetime and we hope you will show them to your grandchildren one day. In fact, Chelsea’s grandma did just that on a recent visit back to her home state of Minnesota (check out those old time photos above!).

So How Much Do You Charge?

Our photo packages start at $2600 and increase in price based on the amount of time you want us to photograph and any additional items such as an engagement shoot. Packages can be tailored to your specific needs.

What is Included in the Price?

We shoot all of our weddings together as a couple and all packages include:

+ Two professional photojournalists (John & Chelsea) for the length of the shoot
+ DVD of selected toned and edited photos (or digital download if you wish to waive sales tax)
+ Full reprint rights for all photos (print away!)
+ Personal, online photo gallery of photos for family and friends to view
+ Only professional Canon camera bodies with L-Series lenses are used

How Many Photos Will We Get?

The final amount of edited photos you will receive is based on which package you choose and how many hours we spend at the wedding. As professional photographers, we will edit down the day’s entire take and present you with the best of the best photos. It is our policy to not present the entire raw take or provide every single photo we take during the wedding. The result is a better product for you that is free from outtakes and repetitive shots. We know you will trust us to pick the best photos that tell the story of your big day!

Do You Photoshop or tone your photos?

Your final edit of photos will include slight color correction, toning, white balance adjustments, etc. as needed but will not be drastically changed or Photoshopped. We do not use any Instagram-like filters and take a purist approach to how we edit photos. You did not see your wedding day through a Sepia filter so we do not want to present your photos that way.

Do You Charge Sales Tax?

By California law, we have to charge sales tax on the entire photography package if we are going to provide you with any sort of physical product (even as small as a CD). It is a bummer, we know, but we have to pay the big man up in Sacramento.

But wait! There is one exception!

If you opt to receive your photos via digital download through your online gallery, we can waive the sales tax as we are not providing you with a physical product. All images downloaded through the gallery are the same quality and resolution as the images we would provide you on a CD. Photos can be downloaded directly to your personal computer and you can burn CDs for friends and family at your heart’s content. It’s simple– really!

Some wedding photographers may choose to build the sales tax into their pricing, but we prefer to give you the option to save money.

Is There a Deposit?

To save your date, we require a $500 deposit. Once your deposit is received, we will save that date to photograph you, and only you. We won’t even take pictures of our cats and post them to Instagram that day.

Are Credit Cards Accepted?

Yes! We accept credit cards through the Square app. However, we do charge a 2.75% surcharge for credit card transactions, which is what Square charges us.




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